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What should I know about my event before meeting with the DJ?

Weddings include a lot of formalities that are paired with music (First Dances, Cake Cutting, Introductions, etc).
Check these PDFs for a list of common formalities that can require music.

What questions should I ask a Wedding DJ?

Questions for a wedding DJ can vary couple-to-couple. But there are some important ones to make sure you’re getting the best DJ for your wedding.

do you offer a written contract?

YES. Our contracts lock our clients into the date with us. But you can always make changes to your package and/or add-ons.

do we meet our DJ before the wedding?

ABSOLUTELY - If you decided to do a Reservation Premium you’ll meet with your selected DJ in advance for your Entertainment Consultation. If you opt to just book the date with our company you’ll likely meet with your booking DJ and/or the DJ that will be there the day of.

are you full-time wedding DJs?

We’re Full Time DJs period! - We maintain a balance of weddings, corporate, private, and nightlife events amongst our team of DJs. It’s what keeps us edgy.

have you DJed at my venue?

We average 250+ events a year. The chances are we have. And if we haven’t we’ll either do a site visit or walk you through what we need to be successful.

how long have you been a wedding DJ?

DJs at One Night don’t work weddings by themselves without 1 year of experience or 25 weddings under their belt. We understand the level of execution needed for this once in a lifetime event. And let’s face it the DJ will either make or break your event.

what do you guys play?

Everything! No really, we can play any everything. It’s up to us to read the room and asses the situation. It’s why you came to us. Of course, we’ll want to know what you like, versus what you love, versus what you hate. But all in all we are Open Format DJs that pride our selves on mixing all genres.

how many hours does your package cover?

We don’t charge by the hour. Our wedding packages cover up to 6 hours. One hour for the ceremony, which includes 30 minutes of seating music before the ceremony and running ceremony sound. Our reception packages consist of 5 hours of coverage, cocktail hour to grand exit.

what if my ceremony and reception are in different areas?

No problem. That’s typically the case with most weddings. We’ll bring 3 separate set-ups to all of our weddings. One for the ceremony. Another for cocktail hour, so you guests can enjoy good vibes while they wait for the reception space to open. And finally, our main DJ setup inside the reception space.

how important is the DJ?

We could be biases, but the DJ is the most important vendor. Most couples are convinced that hiring a DJ is about finding someone good at throwing a dance party. Actually, that’s about 25% of our job. The other 75% of it includes being your wedding planners, your emcees, your Audio, Visual, and Tech support, your contact between you and your guests, your flow facilitators, and your maestros.

how far will we travel?

We’re based in Atlanta, but our clients bring us everywhere. We’ll work with you to discuss travel whether that’s a road trip or a flight. We can even source local equipment if need be.

are there any taxes and fees?

No. We believe in transparency the prices you see listed are what you will invest in your entertainment. Travel is the only item not listed online and that’s because it’s dependent on the package and where you need us. We’ll discuss that in the early stages of booking.

what is the reservation premium?

This is our way of allowing you to pick your DJ personally. If you Reserve a DJ personally it guarantees that DJ will block of the date and be there for you personally. Why is that important? One Night Entertainment is composed of a team of DJs who are all very talented. However some of our clients have been referred to a DJ, or they’ve read reviews, or they’ve seen a DJ in action. Which gives them peace of mind and a connection to the DJ. Working directly with them fron day one ensures the success of your event.

who will be your DJ?

We schedule our DJs no later than 30 days before the event. Pairing a DJ with a client boils down to a couple of factors. The event’s needs, the client’s personality and style, the degree of difficulty, the package, etc. We’ll factor all of that in to make sure the DJ is qualified for the event.

What is a Reservation Premium?

We want you to love your DJ. So here’s the chance to work with the DJ of your choice. We allow all of our clients to reserve the DJ of their liking personally. The Reservation Premium solidifies a particular entertainer for your event. So no matter what comes up, he’s locked in. For him that means no vacations, or the opportunity to take on another event. You have his undivided attention for your celebration.

This is totally optional as our entire line up is amazing. But because clients may have read a review, seen a DJ perform in person, or get a referral from a friend; they are entitled to their preference and we want to honor that the best way we know how.

If reserving someone personally is out of your budget…no big deal. We’ll keep your request in mind as we schedule our team. We schedule DJs 30 days before an event. Around the same time we meet for your Pre-Event Consultation. Once we know more about your style and what the event requires, we’ll plan our calendars accordingly.

Jay Page (DJ Aetii) - $750
Chris Ware (DJ LNKS)  - $500
All other DJ's - $250